Shirley Kennedy

Obituary of Shirley Kennedy

~~May our wonderful mother and heavenly angel on earth and in heaven rest in eternal peace. May your memory and gifts extend onward to touch us all with your pure love, friendship, dedication, and the sheer will to forge ahead against all odds, to continue to live in the heart of peace and make every life touched a bright spot even if for a passing moment or a lifetime. Everyone was our mother's' friend, no matter who or where you were from. Our mother was our laughter, the fun "kid" on the block growing up, our artistic and creative genius in which she passed onwards to her three children. Her smile and dimples made her the head turning beauty we all loved so dearly, and her heart of gold melted the hardiest of souls. Even the animals and the birds flocked in and around our mother, sensing no fear and no danger, but kindness and a connection of instinctive gentleness. Our earthly world has suffered a great loss, however her spirit fills us, whether it was the itty bitty frog that jumped onto the leaf as I sat on her favorite porch chair or in the smell of the rain in which she loved to watch from her large windows overlooking a magical yard filled with her carefully planted fruit trees. Her monarch butterflies are getting ready to open soon and I know she would be giddy with excitement as we all knew how much she loved to grow her garden and enjoy the myriad of nature that surrounded her life here at home. We are always on a journey in this thing called "life", it is a beautiful, complicated, extraordinary journey we take along the way. All of us were touched by an angel in our earthly life. How wonderful and awe inspiring it must be for all of you who knew our mother, Shirley Kennedy, our amazing angel. It is never goodbye, it is always, to us a journey, and we shall meet again in the light of perfection, heavenly love, beauty, and best of all be together again when we take our final journey to the forever of eternity. So, mommy, we will all see you again when we too live in this thing called, "LIFE" and then again somewhere in the eternity of love and beyond, our souls bound by magical love and beauty, just as you were and will always be.....forever.
Your loving children, Tamara, Dawn, and Adam and loving and beautiful grandchildren, Jaclyn, Rachel, Rebecca, Sydney, Benjamin, Sara, Ari, and your sweet and loving great-great grandchildren: Abigail, Victoria, Aaliyah.