Pet Cremation Services

Only years ago, it was common practice to bury the family pet in the backyard. With a marker and a prayer, we said goodbye. But today, most of us choose cremation for our pets, just like we do members of our families who pass.

These days, we don’t want to leave our pets behind when we move. After their death, we want them cremated and placed with us, or scattered somewhere that holds special meaning to us all.

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As a licensed funeral director in partnership with other caring professionals, Cheryl Lankford offers a skilled, warm hand as you plan the loss of your pet.

Contact Cheryl today to learn more about pet cremation services, memorial and keepsake items, and ultimately, how to heal the loss of a pet with the gentle guidance she can provide.

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“Cheryl with Lasting Memories for Pets was truly a haven of comfort and compassion during my time of loss of my cherished Sweetheart, our long-time canine companion. I deeply recommend this service to all pet lovers who seek dignified, caring and gentle funeral assistance for their pets.” — Tina B.

“Thank you for taking care of my boy. Brady only lived about a half of his life expectancy. He was a good boy and I’m glad I had him for as long as I did. Your service is a wonderful blessing. Thank you again.” — Kathy B.

Our Services

Just as with funeral services for loved ones, our ideas of how we want our pets remembered differ as well.

We can help you select the appropriate service based on your needs:

Private Cremation: This service guarantees you’ll receive your pet through individual and private cremation.

Communal Cremation: This service allows client families to follow through with the cremation process, but the cremated remains are not returned.

Memorial Services: Memorial services can be arranged for family members as well as other pets in your household, since your remaining pets grieve, too.

Pre-Planning: You're able to pre-plan your pet's cremation service so that you'll have peace of mind knowing your companion will be cared for after their death.

Pre-Payment: We offer pre-payment options that can be customized to meet your needs.