Oakdale Cemetery

Oakdale Cemetery is one of the largest historic cemeteries in Volusia County, with more than 15,000 grave sites. It is the resting place for many of the town's founding members.

Offerings/Services of Oakdale Cemetery 

  • Ground Burial
  • Space for Private Mausoleum or Family Estates
  •  Ossuary for interment of cremated remains
  • Future Collumbarium
  • Future Cremation/Scattering Garden for cremated remains

Oakdale's Annual Christmas Eve Lighting of the Cemetery. This event has been held annually since 2007 and serves as a remembrance of those who are interred here.


Burial Lots:   $1250.00
Cremation Niche Spaces:   $850.00
BabyLand Lots:  $450.00
Section T for Cremated Remains: (in ground burial):  $595.00

Grave Preparation Fees

Open/Close-Weekdays 7:00AM-3:00PM:   $1,100
Open/Close- After 3:00pm Weekdays:   $1,500
Weekend Open/Close: $1,500
Holiday Open/Close: $2,000
Open/Close for Cremated Remains: $395
Open/Close for BabyLand Lot:   $295
Open/Close for niches above ground:   $395

Contact Oakdale Cemetery at 386-734-0626
North Clara Ave DeLand, Florida 32720

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Upcoming Events at Oakdale Cemetery

December 24, 2017- Annual lighting of Oakdale Cemtetery

We need volunteers to assist in placing the bags of candles for the lighting please call them to let them know you will be able to volunteer.  Thanks