Caroline Lenora Humphrey

Caroline Lenora was the 6th child born to Isaac and Caroline Thorington, June 2, 1927 at the Florence Crittendon Home in Detroit, Michigan.  Three years later her mother returned to Barbados with Caroline and her older sister Clerin in tow.  Caroline recalled missing her kitten and her Papa but always holding on to a dream of someday returning to her birthplace.

As a pre-teen, before school, Caroline often walked several miles with her mother and a group of women gathering produce for sale in Bridgetown.  Her desire was to become a teacher.  She loved learning!  However, after finishing school, it was more feasible for her to study “Needlework” and become a seamstress.  In this she was mentored by her sister-in-law Enid Husbands Thorington.

Through her older sisters and mother, she met her future husband, Mervin, who was a full-time bus conductor and part-time shoemaker.  Although he was totally smitten with her, she did not have the same “woozy” feelings but sought her mother’s counsel regarding his proposal.  Her mother replied, “He loves his mother!  Any man, who loves his mother, will be a good husband.”  Around their 65th anniversary, in the retelling of the story, Caroline added, “He has been a husband and father to me and I have never regretted following my mother’s advice!  Love can grow!” Their union produced four children, Ruan Crescilla, Rodney Belfield (Barbara), Wayne St. Elmo (Violet) and Charlene Lenora.

As a member of the Young Adult Group in the Cave Hill Pentecostal Church led by Pastor Ward, Caroline began to put down deep roots in the faith of JESUS CHRIST. A revival broke out in that group from which emerged a hunger to pray and study THE BIBLE. The most eager members were taken “under the wing” of Mother Wharton, an old prayer warrior, who trained them in prevailing intercessory prayer with fasting.  This group experienced many miracles in their private and public meetings.

In her mid-twenties, Caroline realized her dream of returning to America!  She was received by Pastor George Taitt of The Pentecostal House of Prayer in Harlem, NY.  She became fully involved in that church holding many different leadership roles.  Grasping the opportunity for further study, she enrolled in a “Needlework” program and received a certificate.  She was always involved in Bible Study from correspondence courses to local institutions such as The Manhattan Bible Institute.  Caroline had an insatiable desire for knowledge; always challenging herself.  At one point working on her GED later; attending Monroe Business Institute learning how to produce “Computer” key punch cards.

PRAYER, EVANGELIZATION, EDUCATION and FAMILY were her life’s passions!

A year after Caroline was joined by her husband and daughter, Pastor Taitt introduced them to the Austin Family.  Edna with their three children were new arrivals from Barbados.  The two women were kindred spirits in the Faith, and as the men became brothers the two families bonded.  Caroline and Edna decided to join with the global network of Intercessors they heard about who fasted and prayed at Noon every Wednesday, for the nations, the church and individual needs.  Eventually, Eunice Pessoa was added to this group and Mervin Humphrey after retirement.  Membership ended with their transitions to Glory.  On Mondays and Tuesdays they often received phone calls from their church members with specific prayer requests.

After many years both families moved to the Bronx and joined Bezer Church under the leadership of Pastor Walker.  He was concerned about the spiritual needs of a certain area of his homeland Jamaica and invited the two ordained evangelists to join him in service there.  From that mission trip a church was established in a little known area of the island. Caroline also helped to establish a literacy training program there with Rev. Sister Walker.  Caroline and Edna made twice yearly trips to the island later adding the other prayer team members and eventually several large group crusades.

  While she participated in Missionary work in Jamaica, she worked tirelessly in the church here.  She did become a teacher of GOD’S WORD, was ordained a minister/preacher of The Gospel and became assistant pastor to her husband at Bezer Holiness Church.  After retirement, in their 80s both Caroline and Mervin traveled twice to the Dominican Republic to work with and encourage Missionary Malou Faublus.  Failing health curtailed her work.

In the words of her son Wayne, “She left us a legacy of prayer!”  She also leaves us with a legacy of “Get an Education!” She was a Peacemaker!  Live at Peace!

Caroline entered her eternal rest at 2:15 A.M. on Thursday morning, February 8, 2018.

Caroline was pre-deceased by her brother: Charles Thorington (Enid), Sisters: Edna Johnson (Seifert), Maybelle Hoyte (Gary), and Vilma Norville (Colbert).

She leaves to mourn: her sister, Clerin and brother Cosmo (Evadney), her grandchildren: Amaris, Nathaniel, Aaron and Ruth, nieces, nephews, great-nieces/nephews, great-great nieces/nephews, great-great-great nieces/nephews, cousins, countless spiritual sons and daughters and numerous dear friends.

Relative of – Blackikett, Taitt, Knight, Boyce, Devonish, Niccolls, and Alfieri